Gmail Integrates PDF Viewer

has added a new feature to their ever increasing feature rich application, where users can now directly view PDF files without the need to download them to their local PC.


The new PDF integration is part of the PDF viewer available in , earlier Gmail would only allow users to view PDF files as HTML, where they stripped off the images, which in turn made the PDF documents look pretty ugly.

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However with the integration of PDF Viewer in Gmail, users can view the actual PDF file and later on decide to download it to their desktop, print it or even view it as a HTML, which was the default action earlier.


The PDF Viewer also has a navigation option where you can browse through the entire PDF page by page, definitely useful since PDF is becoming a standard format of document exchange these days.

This feature will be available to everyone without the need for changing settings, like other feature require.

Gmail PDF Viewer [via Google Operating System]

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