Gladinet Provides Local Access To Google Docs, Picasa Web, Windows Live Skydrive and Amazon S3

In the past we have told you how to mount a account in Windows and even a fix for people who could not access the accounts on their systems. Gladinet is a freeware desktop application that will delivers web applications and online files to your desktop, it helps you access files from , Picasa Web, Amazon S3 and Windows Live Skydrive from your PC without having to use a web browser.


Gladinet mounts a network drive that will allow you to access the documents like you are browsing it on your local PC, so you open docs stored in your Docs account with a local word processing software like Microsoft Word.

With Picasa Web Albums, Gladinet allows you to view the thumbnails of the images stored on your web account, also allowing you to edit the images in your favorite image editors and instantly upload them to your account.


Gladinet is software that is more inclined towards using the latest technology called cloud computing, where you can access services and files on the web without having to install software or store content on your PC.

In addition to that Gladinet also allows you to share your files and folders with other computers. Definitely a great piece of software which will definitely take and file sharing to a new level.

Download Gladinet [via Google Operating System]

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