Get Twitter Updates In Your Gmail Account

Before you react, has not got any new features which integrates , however if you are a twitter and user, here is a handy way in which you can update your twitter account, reply to friends or keep a eye on what your followers are doing, while you are checking or replying to emails in your Gmail account.


You will need to add a custom getting provided by Twitter Gadget to your Gmail account, you can read our earlier guide on how to add custom gadgets to Gmail to learn more about the process.

To get twitter updates in your Gmail account, follow the steps in our guide and add use the URL while adding the gadget to Gmail, once you have added the new gadget, Twitter Gadget will appear in the sidebar, enter the username and password for your twitter account and hit on the login button.


Once you have logged into your twitter account, you can update your status and check your friends updaters without having to leave Gmail, you can also add the Twitter Gadget to your iGoogle page.

TwitterGadget [via tweet from KIntheHouse]

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