Get The Best Out Of Google Docs With These Useful Tools

Google docs is probably one of the best online document creation and management service, we have been using it to conduct interviews, collaborate expenses sheets with roommates, sharing and collaborating API docs and more. Over the time we have used and come across several interesting tools that enhance the usability of Google Docs as well make it much more easier to use.

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gDocsBar Firefox Extension


gDocsBar is a add-on for Firefox which allows you to access Google Docs from the sidebar. You can easily drag and drop documents to sidebar to upload it to your Google Docs account. The add-on also allows you to easily search and filter docs. Download gDocsBar.

Google Docs Uploader

google-docs-uploader Google Docs Uploader is a simple tool from Google which allows you to upload documents to your Google Docs account. The application does not require any installation and can easily be put on a portable drive for anywhere access.

The application makes use of the Google Docs API to upload documents to your account. Download Google Docs Uploader.

Google Doc Download


Google Docs download is a script that allows you to download all your Google documents in various formats including Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF Files, Rich text files, CSV or plain text files and more. Install Google Doc Download Greasemonkey script. to Google Docs which provides users with a open source alternative to Microsoft Office, has a extensions  that allows users to export and import your documents from a Google Docs account. The add-on requires Java 6 runtime to be installed on your system.

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OpenItOnline Firefox Extension


OpenItOnline (our review) is a handy   that will allow you to open files directly in Google docs instead of having to download them to your PC, quite useful if you get emails with document attachments, or download several documents for research. Download OpenItOnline.

Send to Google Docs Firefox Extension


Send to Google Docs is another useful extension which will allow you to open links to documents directly in Google Docs. The extension adds a option to Firefox context menu, simply right click on the link and select send to Google Docs to open the document in Google Docs. Download Send to Google Docs.

These are few of the tools and extensions we use to make working with Google docs much more easier, the only missing feature we see is a sync utility for Google Docs. Previously mentioned DocSyncer did have a sync feature for Google docs, but sadly they have closed shop and entered the deadpool. Are there any other tools you use, do let us know through your comments.

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