Get Google Chrome Startpage Experience in Firefox

has a very nice startpage where you are shown the most visited websites, recent bookmarks and recently closed tabs, though Firefox has several add-ons such as Fast Dial, it does not come close to giving you the experience of Google Chrome.

If you are looking to get a similar experience in Firefox, you are in luck, we discovered a that will give you a similar start page like Google Chrome, whenever you open a new tab.


As you can see from the screenshot above, New Tab Jumpstart replicates the experience of Chrome startpage in Firefox, giving you access to the most visited websites, recent bookmarks and recently closed tabs.

Definitely must have if you love the Chrome experience but want to live on with . Of and if you are looking to get the smart context menu from Chrome in Firefox, don’t forget to check out FFChrome a extension we had talked about earlier.

Download New Tab Jumpstart

8 thoughts on “Get Google Chrome Startpage Experience in Firefox”

  1. Bad link, it just points to some general page, you also forgot to mention the name of the extension so now I can´t find it. Great job :-/

  2. I found jumpstart difficult! As its thumbs sometimes dissappear or I did not have control over them to manually choose them. I had to many times go to some site until jumpstart would use the thumb and then I had to nail it otherwise it would disappear like chrom.

    But I found to more interesting addons:

    The best and very fast is :
    Fast Dial 2.23b1
    The link is;

    It let you manually add your site to the thumbs and also later edit or move and change the place by mouse dragging.

    The other one is
    Tidy Favorites 5.0
    and the link is:

    However,¨after installing addons you have to install tidy favorite software separately that is not my favorite, though it has many other features…

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