Get Alerts When Someone Stops Following You @Twitter With TwitterLess [Free Invites Giveaway]

Twitter has a option to notify you if someone follows you, but there is no such option to tell you who stop following you, this is quite annoying, since getting a notification when someone stops following you might be useful.


TwitterLess is a service that keeps track of your followers, alerting you when one of your followers stops following you, just as simple as that. Once you start using twitterless, it will do the painful job of figuring out who stopped following you without you having to go through your follower list (a usual way of finding who stopped following you).

Twitterless will send you a direct message within an hour of someone un-following you. Twitterless is in a closed private beta mode right now and acceptance level is pretty low, but like always we spoke to the developer Mark Nutter to give our some invites to Techie Buzz readers. We are not disclosing the number of invites (it could be a 100, or it could be 1000 :-) ) Mark has given us, but yes we are openly sharing the invite code here, so go ahead and be the first lest the invites expire.

To Signup Using Our Invite code, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to and add in your twitter username and password.

Step 2 Click on the link that says First Time? Click here to enter your code, in the Code text box enter techiebuzzwithout the quotes. (Please remember, you only have to do this one time, the next time you can login without having to provide the code)

Step 3 Well, twitterless takes at-least a day to start indexing your followers so you will have to wait till it does that, but once it does you will start getting direct messages as and when someone stops following you on twitter.

If you are on twitter, you may want to follow me or follow @techiebuzzer to get RSS updates delivered to your Twitter account.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • This sounds like a nice idea.. was wondering it was not a feature of twitter to begin with.

    and Lol @ “we will notify by direct tweet you if someone has the audacity to stop following you.”

    Thanks for sharing the code :D

  • Thanks man. This is useful

  • Thanks Keith! Stumbled!

  • Thanks brother!

  • Another Start-up TweepleTwak looks similar & in beta too!

  • ugh. Too much twitter in the news.

  • Nice man.. thanks for sharing…

  • interesting. up until now, the only other similar service i’ve come across is qwitter.

  • Now here is a new one, a reverse Twitter tool! I have never heard of this alert tool before, will definitely use it, thanks!