Funny People To Follow on Twitter

has a lot of uses including promoting and tracking brands and websites, but does it just have to be boring all the time?

Not really. I usually find my daily dose of laughter on twitter by following some really funny people. In this list I will share the users that you could follow and get your daily dose of laughter from twitter.

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@funnyoneliners – This twitter user has only one aim, that is to make you laugh by tweeting funny one liners. This is definitely someone you should follow if you love humor and laughing out loud.


@funnyjoker – Another funny person to follow on twitter who shares lots of jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. I must warn you though that some of the jokes are rude and sarcastic.


@weirdnews – Weird news can sometimes be very funny. Follow this person to get weird and funny news from across the world.


@meetingboy – Cracks jokes about meetings (we all hate them) and workplaces. If you are bored at work his tweets will definitely cheer you up.


@cracked – If you have every visited and had a good laugh, follow this user to get all the latest updates from them directly in your timeline.

Do you follow and funny people on twitter? Do share them with me. Laughter is the best medicine and I certainly don’t mind laughing a lot.

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  • Out of these 4 I follow funny joker and I love his tweets.. Time to add 3 more twitter users in my list :)

  • Out of these, I follow the 1st one… i.e. @funnyoneliners

  • hey, please please follow me! i post some pretty funny stuff. not gonna lie.

  • Everyone needs a good laugh so I made this webmix to share with everyone. – Caution for those of you at work, Will Result in outbursts of laughter. By clicking the link and then clicking "Add This Page" you will be able to see my Top 50 Funny Tweeps, just click on the individual tiles to see what each of these funny people are tweeting. You can share this with people who don't have twitter and you can also add your personal favorites too! Enjoy!

  • timeless

    @orezzero is funny, @thesulk is funny

  • jokeisonyou

    My top ones are:


  • Dick Hurtz

    Follow me @dickhurtz.

  • Miguel

    @mostcrazybf very funny