Windows Font Viewers [Free]

How many fonts are installed on your computer? And do you know how each font looks like? Well not many can answer the above two questions in affirmative as Windows lacks a default font viewer that will allow you to browse and view the fonts installed on your system.


In such cases external tools come in handy, here are few tools that will help you browse and view the fonts in Windows.

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Font Viewer


Font Viewer is probably one of the best tools to view the fonts that are currently installed on your PC, it shows you the fonts in various styles including normal, bold, italic and bold and italic.

In addition to that you can choose the text to be used to display the font, size of the text and background and foreground colors. Font Viewer is a freeware and is definitely a must have application. Download Font Viewer.

Free & Easy Font Viewer


Another free font viewer, that will let you view and browse all the fonts that have been installed on your PC.  Free & Easy font viewer lets you zoom into the fonts showing you the text in different sizes.

Though it does not show you the text in different styles, you can easily apply them using the toolbar by clicking on the buttons for bold, italic, underline and strike. Free & Easy Font Viewer is free to use. Download Free & Easy Font Viewer.

We did find many other free font viewing softwares but left them out of this list as these are two will probably be the only ones you may require to get the job done for font viewing and browsing, if you use something better, feel free to let us know through your comments.

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