Free Copy Paste Replacements / Enhancements For Windows

Windows File Copy Paste feature is definitely ancient and needs to dramatically change, but alas Microsoft is more concerned about look and feel, which is why you may not see any major improvements in this area in Windows 7 too.

However there are several utilities which build on features that are missing or not up to the mark in Windows, and we will be covering a list of free copy paste replacement and enhancement softwares that are much better than the regular one provided by Windows. Most of the softwares covered add in different features, so you may definitely want to try them all out.

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Previously mentioned TeraCopy is a great way to copy and paste files faster in Windows. It comes in with features like pause file transferring, recovering bad data from corrupted files along with having a pretty fast interface to copy paste files. TeraCopy integrates itself to replace the default system copy paste utility, so you do not have to configure it additionally. Teracopy is free to use for personal usage. Download Teracopy.

xNeat Clipboard Manager


The most common problem faced by users while copying text or files is that, you can only store one item at a time in the clipboard, this can be disastrous as time, since you may overwrite something important by mistake.  xNeat Clipboard Manager comes to rescue by allowing users to have a multi-item clipboard which can hold more than 1 items in the memory thus saving you a headache while copy pasting text and files in Windows. This software is a freeware, so you do not need to pay anything for it. Download xNeat Clipboard Manager.

Beyond Copy and CopySpot


Previously reviewed Beyond Copy and CopySpot are two softwares that will allow you to copy paste files between multiple computers on a network, without having to use Windows explorer or file sharing. This is a definitely must have if you work on multiple computers on a network or simply want to transfer files between your laptop and desktop computer.



Having been a user for quite sometime, the feature to easily copy paste text with the mouse has definitely been quite useful. TXMouse is a free software that brings this must have feature to Windows. Usage is simple, just select any text to copy it and paste it using the center button or mouse wheel. TXMouse disables itself when you use regular methods to copy paste content. Download TxMouse.



Texter is a free tool by Lifehacker which allows you to replace keystrokes with phrases you define, definitely quite useful for frequently used pharse. Download Texter.

Missing the Freeware Bus Piky Basket


Piky Basket is worth mentioning but unfortunately it is not free anymore, we do use a old free copy of Piky Basket and it allows us to create drops, where you can collect files and folders from different folders or drives altogether. Once you have collected all the files you can easily copy paste or cut paste it to any other folder. Pretty useful when u want to copy files and folders from multiple drives.

The drops are maintained till you clear it, so you do not have to start over every-time your PC is shutdown or you suffer a power loss. Sadly it is not free anymore.

Are there any tools or functionality we missed? Do let us know through your comments.

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