4 Cool Free Online File Converter Sites

Whether you have a video file and want to change it to an MP3, or your boss needs a Word document to be sent in PDF format, there are sites that will handle the conversion for you.


You don’t want to install fancy software that you’ll rarely use, and some of the programs out there don’t even work. Luckily, there are free sites that will do all the work for you. All you have to do is click a few buttons.

PDF Online (http://www.pdfonline.com)

You can turn Word documents into PDFs for a more professional presentation, and the conversion also comes in handy if you are sending the file to someone who does not happen to have Microsoft Office on his or her computer.

You can also turn text PDFs into a Word document, which can make copying and editing the PDF text that much easier. Once you’re done, you can convert it into a PDF again. PDF Online emails you your new document within minutes, and there are no pesky watermarks on the finished product.

Vixy (http://vixy.net)

YouTube videos are great, but the lack of a download option to keep your favorite clips is annoying. Vixy was created for the fanatics of streaming videos, like those on YouTube and MegaVideo.

You can save the video file in a variety of formats compatible with Windows, Mac, iPods, or your phone, meaning that you can take your favorite clips and show them to anyone anywhere. There’s even an MP3 only conversion option, so if all you want is the sound file, you can have that too.

Media Convert (http://media-convert.com)

This all-in-one website will change nearly any kind of video or sound file into any other video or sound file. If you have an FLV-format of a video or song, like from YouTube or Imeem, you can change it into a WAV, MP3, MPEG, or AVI file, among others.

There are also a plethora of other files Media Convert can handle, such as ringtone, text, presentation, and mathematics files. Just keep in mind that with some conversions, the quality of the finished product will be diminished, such as converting MP3s to WAVs.

Online Conversion (http://www.onlineconversion.com)

This isn’t a file converter site, but it will convert any unit of measurement to another unit of measurement. If you’re struggling to calculate how many pints are in five gallons, Online Conversion can help. There are U.S. as well as U.K. measurements, so metric and standard need confuse you no more.

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