Free Norton Internet Security Suite for Comcast Customers

Comcast has been offering free security software to their customers for quite sometime now. However, this new deal with Norton Internet Security Suite definitely has to be one of the best ones.

Free Norton Security Suite for Comcast Customers

Comcast is offering its customer a Free one-year license of Norton Security Suite and Norton Internet Security for Windows and Mac users respectively. A copy of NIS for Windows and Mac retails at costs ~$160. The security software is available for free and no additional charges will be applied to your billing.

In addition to the security suite, users will also get the award winning OnlineFamliy.Norton to safeguard and protect your kids online surfing.

Norton Security Suite for Windows is compatible with and earlier versions. Mac users require to have Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher in order to use the Norton Internet Security.

To download your free copy of Norton Internet Security, visit this page and click on the appropriate version you want to download. You will need to login with your Comcast username and password to complete the download.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • I heard that norton internet security suite slowls the computer, One of my friend has same problem.

    Anyone using it and getting speed?

  • Tater

    The version Comcast is providing works as well as the McAfee package previously offered.

    I have put it on two of my laptops and so far no problems or system slow downs.

  • Keith

    I have installed on my PC right now, working great! I haven't noticed any major slow-downs & installation was by far much quicker than previous versions of Norton. I might actually go back to being a Norton fan again, who knew!!

  • Zahid

    Norton Security Suite works well on my computer. Doesn't slow down my computer at all.

  • kzahid06

    I installed Norton Security Suite from Comcast, and it's running very smoothly on my Windows Vista.

    It's actually speeding up my computer's performance, rather than slowing it down.

    Give this product a try. It works very well.

  • George

    Norton is a resource hogging piece of crap. I installed it on my wife's P.C. , which worked fine with McCaffe, now it's paralyzed and useless.

    • Christopher

      NOT from Norton software. McAfee leaves behind a lot of stuff that interferes with new installations of Norton software in order to make it appear that Norton software is crap.

      Get the McAfee super-removal tool from them and run it…. then, re-install Norton. It should be much faster.

  • Christopher

    Norton Security Suite is crapware, to be blunt. I installed it on my PC recently and guess what? It started messing with all sorts of settings on my computer.

    I have ACDSee Pro 4 on my computer, and I have it set so that if I double-click picture files, it automatically opens them.

    NSS was setting that back to having Windows Photo Viewer as the default on those files…. not good, especially without user input.