Apple iPad Giveaway – Techie Buzz Christmas Love

Update: Sorry folks but the contest is now over. We appreciate all the entries we got and thank everyone for participating. It will be a tough time for us to pick a winner. We will use a randomizer to pick one person as the winner, it will be announced between 26-27 December, 2010. Commenting is now closed on this post.

Update 2: The winner of the Apple iPad Giveaway has been declared, take a look at the winner announcement.

Hi everyone, as promised we are here with our first Christmas giveaway an Apple . The iPad is currently one of the hottest selling internet tablets and it was also one of our fan favorites for the giveaway.

Apple iPad

In the spirit of Christmas, we want to make our readers happy and one of them will be a lucky winner who will take home the Apple iPad. This is the 1st of our two giveaways. We will also be a few more things to our readers on December 27th, so you have one more big giveaway to look forward to.

We will be giving away a 16GB Wi-Fi version of Apple iPad. If you are looking forward to winning an Apple iPad, here is what you have to do. Some of these options are compulsory so please read carefully.

Example Tweet Message: Yippee @techiebuzzer is giving away an iPad, go get one for yourself #techiegives

  • Share or like this page on Facebook
  • Leave a comment with your tweet or share link here and tell us why you want to win the iPad.

That’s it. That’s not much efforts right? Well, then go ahead and give it a shot, we’ll pick one winner to receive an iPad shortly. Please read the official rules and regulations below.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Contest is open to everyone 13 years or older
  2. In order to participate, users will have to tweet this link on or share it on and then leave a comment on this post. If users do not leave a comment, we will not accept it as an entry to the competition. Contest participants must complete all the required steps in order to be eligible for the contest
  3. Contest will end on December 25, 2010 at 12 PM 11:59 PM EST. We will pick one entry from the received entries and announce the winner on December 26, 2010
  4. If the Apple iPad does not ship to your country, we will offer an appropriate alternative which is available in your country. In this case, the winner may also choose to have the iPad shipped to them. However, the shipping costs will have to be borne by the winner.

Best of luck.

P.S. In past competitions, we have seen some comments go into spam. If your comment does not show up within a few hours, please send us a note using our contact form and we will dig it out from there.

Note: This contest is not endorsed or sponsored by Apple.

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Keith Dsouza

I am the editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz. I love coding and have contributed to several open source projects in the past. You can know more about me and my projects by visiting my Personal Website.I am also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter, you can follow Keith on twitter @keithdsouza. You can click on my name to visit my Google+ profile.

  • Matt

    I love Techie Buzz!!

  • sai
  • Because… I don’t have one and I really really want one!!!!/LindaLawrey/status/18001654532014081

    I can’t see my phone screen! It’s too small! lol

  • Rajashekar

    Okie! Here is my tweet

    Now, do someone need a reason to get an iPad? Who doesn’t want to lie on their bed and tweet, send status msgs to FB, watch movie, browse their fav sites, read books instead of sitting in front of PC or his laptop.
    I always wanted one, and if someone is giving FREE, why not try my luck. I need one Boss :)

  • I actually don’t want the iPad for myself, Keith. If I ever win this, I will give it straight to my Nani (grandmother). She has always wanted to be independent when it comes to using the Internet but has never, to this day, been able to cross the digital divide. I feel that this iPad is her ticket to crossing the divide and it would make her the happiest Nani in the world if I gift it to her on her birthday which is next month. :D!/Waisybabu/status/17997942967246848

  • stanley

    Why do I want to win an iPad? It would stop me from drooling all over Wal-Mart’s counter when I pass by the one on display!

  • Gargi

    corrected the errors in the previous comment. hope i win this ipad to gift it to my brother for christmas here are the links for my tweets

    merry christmas to all @gaamu89

  • Steve (Bedsgooner) Wright

    I’d like an iPad to go with my iPhone, 2011 is update year for me, the iPad would stop me lmoving towards the dark side (Android) for a tablet and would sit nicely next to my new iPhone 5 when it hits the streets.!/Bedsgooner/status/18003137101041664

  • Rusthawk

    I liked and shared on facebook:!/profile.php?id=100001156831237

    I’d love to win this ipad so that I could carry it with me on campus instead of my old laptop. Thanks!

  • Followed all the rules and here is my entry:

  • RT link –!/tospost/status/18006958552391681

    FB Share –

    I was going to buy an iPad soon. But if I get it in this Giveaway, it ll be the best Christmas gift :)

    Best of luck to other participants too :)

  • Followed & tweeted…would love to regift the iPad to my son!

  • Mona Oliver

    The Tweet –!/mizz_mona/status/18003737356279809
    (I seem to never win at contests, but by golly, this year I’m trying! )

    I want an iPad because we don’t have one, I can’t afford to buy one right now, and it would be fun and very very useful! I’ve never had an Apple device, this would be a first if won…thanks for the opportunity!

  • Nice giveaway!

    Here’s my tweet link –

    Following you from @grajasekar on twitter

    ‘d love to win it with how money is tight for a grad student like me in these times trying to make ends meet and have three meals a day while still keeping aside cash to pay off student debts. Why do I want an iPad? Well here I go.

    Well, its a great touch-enabled device with a very fluid UI, which is no surprise coming from Apple. The apps are wonderful and varied and let you do anything you’ll ever want. The increased screen real estate on the iPad when compared with other iDevices ( I have none of the newer ones really :( ) helps to greatly enhance the user’s experience.

    I play music and design circuits and this kind of device would be a boon to me. Imagine, storing all my music sheets digitally on the iPad, I could put it up right in front of my piano and have none of the trouble of music sheets cracking or yellowing with age, or fluttering with the wind. I could zoom into the part I’m playing with a finger or two.

    The same goes for my circuits. I need to pull up information quickly from the net, sometimes entire circuits and zoom in and out and analyze them before I solder them on a PCB and test them (part of my engineering syllabus).

    Besides all this stuff, I blog a lot and when traveling, a device like the iPad (especially with 3G) would be a massive aid for me to blog on the move. I’m a big fan on videos off the net, and I need my fill of trailers, music videos and what not hot off the web and the iPad is a great media consumption device – so it’d always be on when I’m on a train or the bus, and when you’re allowed to keep them switched on on a flight too.

    It wouldn’t replace my notebook, but it would definitely be a worthy tool to carry around on my trips when I don’t need every feature that a full-on notebook has – the mobility it offers beats having to lug around a notebook-bag and shoving that into an inevitably full luggage bin above.

    I use public transport (cheaper and environment friendly too), and the iPad is great for working and reading on the move. There’s this project I’m starting work on – basically trying to improve methods to generate electricity from revolving doors. I’ll need to convince some building owner to have faith in my engineering idea and let me modify their revolving door to test out my project too. The iPad would be of much help in giving a professional presentation when I go out to meet such people (and hopefully in convincing them to have faith in my engineering skills lol).

    Home energy management apps are even beginning to appear on the iPad. With its Arsenic-free display glass, lack of brominated flame retardants, Mercury-free LCD display, absence of PVC and Recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure – the iPad is certainly a green tool for any technologically-inclined environment buff like me. From what I’ve read the 25-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery can also be “down-cycled” after it has reached the end of its serviceable life; that is, elements of it can be reclaimed for applications other than a battery. And the low power draw and high battery life of nearly 10 hours dwarf the battery time of any laptop I know, and decreases the wastage of power through recharging.

    If all this wasn’t enough the device is also perfect for consumption of all types of media – videos, music, pictures, the news, you name it – on the go like I already said (oh and blogging would be a treat to do on this beautiful machine), and the perfect companion for any techie. I love touchscreens, even did a project on them, but ironically I’ve been unable to buy myself any touchscreen device from apple till now (had an old ipod touch 1st gen for a while thanks to one of my relatives handing down a device though).

    So there it is… that’s how much I wanna win. I don’t know if it really matters that I’ve poured my heart into writing this, or whether it’s just random selection after all, but I really really really really wanna win it.

  • MayurK

    I need iPad bcoz I love it so much… and apple is not lauching it in India…
    Here is my tweet :

  • I’ve also shared this giveaway on Facebook on my wall .

    The link is here. I’ve explained why and how badly I want to win in my previous message that has my twitter tweet link.

    Link to my facebook share:

  • Would love to regift the iPad to my son!
    My tweet: _steve_hall: Yippee @techiebuzzer is giving away an iPad, go get one for yourself #techiegives

  • Hello Keith,

    iPad is definitely the best Christmas gift this season and will try so many free or paid apps (available thru iTunes) on this awesome gadget. Here is the link of my Twitter account where I shared the giveaway organized by you.

    Hope to get this gadget as a gift this year. Anyway, I am already a follower of Techie-Buzz on Twitter and Facebook.

    – Sanjeev

  • Brad Watts

    The Tweeted Goodness:

    I’ve been interested in giving the iPad a try, I’m usually not an Apple person, but heck, everyone can be swayed.

  • Great giveaway always wanted to use this great gadget i would be luck if able to get my hands on it.
    done everything!/tech3dge/status/18011817309642753

  • Great giveaway always wanted to use this great gadget i would be luck if able to get my hands on it.
    done everything!/tech3dge/status/18012205853184000
    sorry previous posted link is wrong :P

  • Nadine

    Twitter Status:
    FB Share:

    Here it goes…
    Normally, I would say I want an Ipad because I know I’ll never have one. But the truth is, I want to have it to give it to someone dear to me ~ Knowing I can’t afford it, at least I could try to win it for that someone. He needs a prize for all his hard work in studying, for being a good son, for being a good friend and person — I know his parents can’t afford special or high end gifts and so this is what I want for him. Merry Christmas! God bless to everyone and advance Congratulations to whoever will win!:)


    An IPad can help me do my research/assignment in school. I can bring it where ever I go. I also want to experience having this kind of gadget, I only have 1 personal computer at home. And by having this, I can always track the latest news about and what it gives to us!

    Goodluck to us ! ;) God Bless and Merry Christmas to everyone most especially to the Admin :)

    P.S. I’m not sure if you can view the facebook link above, since I set my profile page from private to public just now so I hope you can now view my post.

    Facebook Share Page – Done!
    Twitter tweet page – Done!
    Like the page – Done!
    Comment on the post – Done!

  • Already following Techie Buzz on Twitter and Facebook.
    Here’s my tweet link:

    Firstly, Thanks Keith for organizing such a special Xmas giveaway.

    iPad is one device which I wanna experience coz it’s magical and revolutionary according to Apple and it owners. I wish to read news, Rss Feeds and play games in HD on 10-inch screen of iPad. Also it looks so elegant and cool to impress anyone around me. :)

    Count in me plz. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas 2 everyone!

  • twitted –!/asybedazzle > OMG @techiebuzzer will give away the most advance and forever-loved iPad. Get the LOVE at this site #techiegives

    I need an iPad because it have everything and anything i need in this life. I would like to connect with my family and friends more oftenly with this handy iPad. If I win this, its like a dream come true to me indeed because i would never afford it. iPad is the most forever-loved and advance gadget I ever seen in my life.