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Update: Sorry folks but the contest is now over. We appreciate all the entries we got and thank everyone for participating. It will be a tough time for us to pick a winner. We will use a randomizer to pick one person as the winner, it will be announced between 26-27 December, 2010. Commenting is now closed on this post.

Update 2: The winner of the Apple iPad Giveaway has been declared, take a look at the winner announcement.

Hi everyone, as promised we are here with our first Christmas giveaway an Apple . The iPad is currently one of the hottest selling internet tablets and it was also one of our fan favorites for the giveaway.

Apple iPad

In the spirit of Christmas, we want to make our readers happy and one of them will be a lucky winner who will take home the Apple iPad. This is the 1st of our two giveaways. We will also be a few more things to our readers on December 27th, so you have one more big giveaway to look forward to.

We will be giving away a 16GB Wi-Fi version of Apple iPad. If you are looking forward to winning an Apple iPad, here is what you have to do. Some of these options are compulsory so please read carefully.

Example Tweet Message: Yippee @techiebuzzer is giving away an iPad, go get one for yourself #techiegives

  • Share or like this page on Facebook
  • Leave a comment with your tweet or share link here and tell us why you want to win the iPad.

That’s it. That’s not much efforts right? Well, then go ahead and give it a shot, we’ll pick one winner to receive an iPad shortly. Please read the official rules and regulations below.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Contest is open to everyone 13 years or older
  2. In order to participate, users will have to tweet this link on or share it on and then leave a comment on this post. If users do not leave a comment, we will not accept it as an entry to the competition. Contest participants must complete all the required steps in order to be eligible for the contest
  3. Contest will end on December 25, 2010 at 12 PM 11:59 PM EST. We will pick one entry from the received entries and announce the winner on December 26, 2010
  4. If the Apple iPad does not ship to your country, we will offer an appropriate alternative which is available in your country. In this case, the winner may also choose to have the iPad shipped to them. However, the shipping costs will have to be borne by the winner.

Best of luck.

P.S. In past competitions, we have seen some comments go into spam. If your comment does not show up within a few hours, please send us a note using our contact form and we will dig it out from there.

Note: This contest is not endorsed or sponsored by Apple.

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257 thoughts on “Apple iPad Giveaway – Techie Buzz Christmas Love”

  1. Shared and liked your post and blog on facebook, followed you on twitter and tweeted! See.. . I need an iPad because I just love it! An idevice is just the thing i need now so that i can concentrate on much better posts on my niche. Till now it’s just a dream.

  2. I would like to win the ipad because I am currently a full-time student in need of something like the ipad, but i do not have any disposable income to get one. I have a relatively old laptop that’s large and bulky (17″) and I am in need of something small that is capable of simply browsing the web and running simple applications. The ipad would be ideal for me to bring to school (which has wi-fi all over campus) to stay organized as well as occupy my downtime during my long 8-10 hour days there.

    1. Okay so I didn’t do a couple of things!

      I’d love to play with the iPad for a few days, but seriously I don’t need it. It’d be nearly useless for me in my hostel as there isn’t even proper Wi-fi! My mom could really do with one, however. She likes browsing cooking sites, follow a few Youtube channels, browse through our online uploaded albums, and send some crazy emails to my sister. Of course, a normal desktop is just overkill for her and I am sure she’ll like the iPad much better.

      Also, here’s the full link to my Twitter update

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