Free Desktop Piano Keyboard

Desktop Piano Keyboard is a small and lightweight software that will let you play the piano on your desktop. Using the MIDI capabilities of your sound card this polyphonic desktop keyboard synthesizer has 128 different voices and sound effects.

You can play the piano using either the keyboard or your mouse, but using your keyboard gives you a much better experience.


Don’t expect it to play your piano notes or give you piano lessons, but you could definitely use it to while your time playing some great or annoying music ;).

Desktop Piano Keyboard is a freeware, so you don’t need to worry about paying anything.

Download Free Desktop Piano Keyboard

2 thoughts on “Free Desktop Piano Keyboard”

  1. Cute. It’s amazing how many high tech devices there are out there. I think its kind of cool being able to produce sounds from a traditional keyboard and mouse, although the novelty would probably be short-lived, in my case.

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