Free Alarm Clock For Windows

Windows does not have any inbuilt reminder software, unless you make use of the calendar for managing appointments. Set Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock software application for windows which fills in that void.

Set Alarm Clock allows users to set their favorite music as a wake up alarm, set reminders for tasks and more. In addition to that Set Alarm Clock can also show you the temperature and weather forecast as the wakeup alarm.


In addition to that Set Alarm Clock will also allow you to setup multiple alarms.

Set Alarm Clock Features

  • Multiple alarms – Set as many alarms as you want.
  • Plays MP3 and WAV files – The alarm can play your favorite music.
  • Snooze mode – Snooze your alarm for a custom time period with a single spacebar press.
  • Play a default bell ring – If you don’t want to set your own media file, you can use the default bell ring.
  • Ring only in specific days – Select in which week days the alarm will ring.
  • Weather report and forecast – Your alarm wakes you up with the current temperature and weather forecast.
  • Choose your clock system – Weather it’s a 24-hour clock or a AM/PM 12-hour clock.

Download Set Alarm Clock

4 thoughts on “Free Alarm Clock For Windows”

  1. What a terrible app!!! Doesn’t do anything it says. No multiple alarm,if you can even get it to toggle. Uses military time. has rooster crowing for alarm instead of bell. The good thing is that it’s probably loaded with spyware and viruses.

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