FoxTab Brings Aero Experience To Tab Switching In Firefox

FoxTab is a that will change the way you navigate through tabs, creating a aero like experience while you switch tabs in Firefox using the Alt Tab keyboard shortcut or using the icon FoxTab provides you to switch between tabs with your mouse.


Once you use the Alt Tab shortcut you can navigate between open tabs by using the or you can also use your mouse wheel to cycle between the tabs.


FoxTab provides you with 5 different layouts using which you can navigate between tabs, they include:

Stack – Tabs are 3D-stacked one behind the other.
Wall – Tabs are displayed on a wall (similar to a TV store).
Grid – Tabs are aligned on a grid.
Row – Tabs are arranged horizontally.
Circle – Tabs are placed around a 3D circle

If you may think FoxTab will devour more memory, then you are wrong. I have used the extension and must say that the experience of switching tabs has been fabulous and downright fascinating along with being less taxing on the memory. Do you want to get the same experience? Download FoxTab and enjoy.

Download FoxTab

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  • cool. i’ve been looking for something like this. then again, i wonder if my clunky old laptop can handle it. :O

  • As much as I like the virtual windows thing (first seen in Linux), I think it’s just so much eye candy. I much prefer using the standard alt-tab combination to quickly flip through tabs. I don’t keep enough tabs open (with only 512KB on this PC) to even need tab switching in Firefox.

  • How CPU heavy do you think this is? I know how memory hungry aero can be, I would imagine that this is just as bad.

  • Thank for information about FoxTab it like firefox but firefox using keyword shortcut, for going one another window and it have not more memory. I prefer foxtab because it using alt/tab shortcut key on mouse and it have more memory. Now i will installed FoxTab on my laptop.

  • I’d love to give it a shot but I’m also concerned about memory.

  • What a cool plugin it is! I’m surprised it takes me so long to discover this. Thanks for the heads up…


  • man this is really amazing