FoxGLove: Standalone Google Apps Browser

Quite sometime back we had told you about a application called GMDesk that allowed you to manage several Google services like , Google Reader, in a single application. Though that application was not ground breaking, it definitely helped a bit for heavy Google users.

Our favorite productivity blog Life Hacker has released a similar application called FoxGLove, albeit with much more features and tight integration with and a like look and feel.

FoxGLove makes use of a portable Firefox version and also has some features like Google Chrome, like a customized home page which auto-loads on opening new tabs.


FoxGLove comes with several pre-installed extensions like Adblock Plus, Better GCal, Better Gmail 2, Better GReader, Better YouTube, Customize Google, Dictionary, Favicon Picker, Google Gears, Google Notebook, Google Toolbar among others.

This is a definitely must have tool, if you are a heavy Google services users and want to have a single application to manage all of them.

Download FoxGLove

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