First Ever Marriage Proposal On Twitter?

While reading my followers tweets on , I probably came across one of the first marriage proposals tweeted and accepted. This is definitely a great way to use the power of twitter to your advantage, pretty exciting right.

The Proposal Tweet


Proposal status message link

The Proposal Acceptance Tweet


Proposal Acceptance message link

Our hearty congratulations to both Sandy and Soumya, wish you have a very happily married life. Have you ever seen someone propose on twitter? Or do something that would be interesting for others to know? Do comment and tell us about them. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter too :-).

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  • Yeah, this was cool but wasn’t the first. I remember Emily Chang ( famous web designer ) being proposed by her boyfriend ( also a designer ) on twitter few months back. I think that was the first.

  • Ahhhh! That is so sweet. The power that technology has to facilitate communication through various means is just unreal! Cheers to the love-birds, may your union be joyous and everlasting!

  • It takes a special woman to appreciate a Twitter proposal. I’m pretty sure that would not have gone over so well with my wife.

  • Ben

    may be not the first thing in twitter ecosystem : already got married.. :D

    And here is another story, marriage proposal through blogging : not some small blog… he made Freelance Switch his tool to propose:

  • Great.
    I’ve been knowing them from

  • I guess I have to disagree with those who view this as romantic. It doesn’t seem very romantic to me.

  • I agree It’s not romantic ..

  • just another reason why the divorce rate is around 50% in the States

  • It depends on the person. Some women don’t want a big deal to be made about it and just want to be asked and to accept as a formality. I would never use this method, that’s for sure. I would think that most people who would would regret it later…