Ultimate List Of Firefox 4 Tips; Tricks And Hacks You Should Learn Right Now

How To Install Firefox 4 in Ubuntu Linux

The other day one of my friends was asking how to Install Firefox 4 on Ubuntu Linux. Since he was fairly new to the Linux operating system and needed clear and concise instructions for installing Firefox 4 on Ubuntu, I pointed him to our earlier article about Installing Firefox 4 in Ubuntu/Linux.

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Making The Best Out Of Firefox 4 Features You Should Be Aware Of

Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts

With Keyboard shortcuts, you do things faster and don’t have to find specific options hidden behind nested menus. Here is a complete list of Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox 4, which you might want to print out on paper.

Setting Up Firefox Sync in Firefox 4 Complete Guide With Screenshots

Are you having problems setting up Firefox Sync on your Windows computer or Android device ? This in depth tutorial at SimpleHelp shows you all the steps required to set up and configure Firefox 4 Sync on any computer or mobile device.


Bring Back the Save Tabs and Quit Feature in Firefox 4

Earlier versions of Firefox had a useful feature of Save Tabs and Quit, which allowed users to save all the URL’s and open tabs before closing Firefox. However, the Mozilla team thought otherwise and decided to remove the Save Tabs and Quitfeature from Firefox 4 which can be annoying if you want a quick way to save tabs locally and resume them at a later point of time.


This tutorial shows you how to enable the Save Tabs and Quit feature in Firefox 4 with a simple about:config trick

Disable Firefox 4 Tab Previews in Windows 7

When you hover your mouse above the Firefox icon in the taskbar, it will show a preview of all the opened tabs.   This is cool but if you want to switch to the Firefox window, the moment you hover the cursor over the Firefox icon read this tutorial on how to disable Firefox 4 tab previews.


Get the old Style Menu Bar in Firefox 4

Abhishek shares a great little tip on how you can get the old style menu bar back in Firefox 4



Enable Or Disable Website Tracking In Firefox 4

One of the newer features of Firefox 4 is that users can specify that they don’t want websites to track your browser’s history by selecting Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked. Some users are very skeptical revealing information to specific websites and this article shows you how to enable or disable tracking protection in Firefox 4


Move Firefox 4 Tabs to Bottom

This is for the geeks – a simple yet effective hack of the userchrome.css file and whoa ! All the tabs come to the bottom, as shown below:


Fixing Firefox 4 Annoyances

Some users might not like the newer and less cluttered UI of Firefox 4. They may find that common buttons are missing, unusual menus and other common UI novelties. If you want to switch back to older Firefox layout or at least fix some of the common UI annoyances, this article by Whitson Gordon shows you half a dozen tips on fixing common annoyances with Firefox 4


Run Firefox 4 And Firefox 3 Parallel On Mac OSX

Want to try out Firefox 4 without uninstalling Firefox 3 from your MAC ? Head straight to this page and read the instructions on how you can run Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 at the same time in MAC OSX


Make Your Old Add-ons Work With Firefox 4

There’s however one problem that comes with every major Firefox release all your old add-ons or extensions may not work with Firefox 4 since they were written for Firefox 3.x releases. Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration writes a useful guide on using old Firefox add-ons work with Firefox 4

Disable Location Aware Browsing in Firefox 4

If you do not want your physical location to be shared with any website, you easily disable this functionality by following these steps


This is just a few things which will help you get started out with using Firefox 4. We will update this post with more information when we come across them. Do visit our Ultimate Lists   section to find more such handy lists for different software and browsers.

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  • Here’s one worth adding to the list.

    If you’re a heavy user of tabs and the new tab groups feature of Firefox 4, restarting your browser can be painful while you wait for all of your tabs to be refreshed.

    You can correct this behavior very easily. In the about:config page, change the preference “browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs” to a value of 0. The next time you start Firefox, only the last page you were viewing will be refreshed. Otherwise, tabs will not reload *until you click the tab*.

    I *love* this feature. I’m practically using tab groups as bookmarks because it’s so convenient.