Firefox 3.6 Crosses 1 Million Downloads

It has been only a few hours since Firefox 3.6 was released and the browser has already been downloaded more than 1 Million times, 1,383,078 to be precise at the time of reporting. Not Surprisingly, most downloads have been from United States, with around 324K downloads, followed by Germany with 210K downloads.

The high downloads for Germany should not come as a surprise since most Germans are switching to Firefox or Opera due to a security vulnerability in IE. However, we are sure that the rest of the world will quickly add up to the million+ downloads as and when they wake up.

Firefox 3.6 Download Stats, Million Downloads

Please note, Firefox 3.6 is not available as an update right now, so all these downloads are the direct downloads made through You can track the live stats of the downloads for Firefox 3.6 at this page.

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