Download Firefox 3.5.1 To Fix Vulnerability Issues

3.5 has a highly critical Javascript vulnerability which was exposed, the problem was cause due to the new Javascript rendering engine Tracemonkey, any one who has this enabled would be affected.

However Mozilla has been working on a fix for the issue and have already started distributing copies of Firefox 3.5.1 which fixes the security bug.

The patch though is not available officially and is expected to be released in the next 48 hours.

However Martin from GHacks Tech News has a copy of Firefox 3.5.1, which he has shared with others through a mirror, this is a US version and will only work on Windows.

Download Firefox 3.5.1, also visit the Firefox 3.5.1 update post for more details about this download.

4 thoughts on “Download Firefox 3.5.1 To Fix Vulnerability Issues”

  1. Keith, hopefully this FF 3.5.1 version is free from any crash, as I had already very tired with the crash problem that happened on me, when I’m using the FF3.5 version!

  2. Keith – Just thought I’d let you know that Gears version shows to be not compatible (again) once you’ve upgraded to 3.5.1 however…

    Gears actually does work if you use the Nightly Tester Tools extension to override compatibility. This wasn’t the case where past versions of Gears were found to be incompatible with new versions of Firefox which is why I’m mentioning it here. You can also re-enable Gears functionality by setting “extensions.checkCompatibility” to “False” in “about:config” although that’s never the best choice. Just remember to set it back to “True” once Google gets their Gears updated…again.

    Just letting folks know. ;)

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