Find The Lowest Gas Prices, Before You Fill Up That Tank

Gas prices are not that cheap, and there is no reason why you should be spending more than you can bargain for. So how do you save yourself some money while your filling up your tank?

GasPenny is a service that will let you check gas prices in any area, showing you a listing of the nearest gas station and the prices they will charge you per gallon of gas. The service is pretty simple and can also be easily accessed while your travelling through your cellphone.



To find the lowest prices, enter the zipcode of the area you are currently in and click on get gas prices button, this should bring up a list of gas stations and show you the available gas prices. GasPenny also shows you a aggregate of all the available options in the form of the lowest available price per gallon, average price per gallon and highest price per gallon.

So don’t forget to check GasPenny to save yourself some money, the next time you are heading to fill up your gas tank.

GasPenny [via Technospot]

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