Search and Find Free WiFi Hotspots With

Travelling and looking to find a free WiFi connection? is the solution you are looking for, it will allow you to search and find Free WiFi hotspots around your location, allowing you access to the internet, without having to pay hefty amounts to commercial WiFi providers.

free_wifi_hotspots works similarly to previously mentioned Free Wifi Hotspot finder. It searches the surrounding areas and displays the best available options for accessing WiFi connections free of cost.

At, we feel connecting to wifi hotspots should be easy, secure, and most of all free. is building a fast-growing network of free consumer and retail wifi hotspots around the globe. Join our community of wireless Internet users who want to make easy, secure and free wifi a reality.

You can quickly search a given location to find free WiFi hotspots in a particular city or area, will provide you with results on a map, which you can print and add it to your travel itinerary.

search_free_wifi_hotspots also providers users with a desktop client you can use to discover WiFi connections near you. The connection manager lets you easily connect to the optimal wifi hotspot.


In addition to this, you can also share your Wifi connection with other users, by providing them with access to your secure Wifi network, you can invite your friends to join your wifi network and vice versa, you can easily decide who you want to share your network with, deleting those you do not want to share your wifi connection with.

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