Create Instant Notes With QuotePad

There are several times when you may copy and paste content from websites and create notes out of with, however with regular text editing software, you will have to manually copy the URL of the webpage if you also want to note down the source from where you copied the text.

A note taking application called QuotePad can solve your problem and save you some time, by including a link to the source, while creating notes from content you copy from websites.

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After installing QuotePad use the Ctrl + Shift + Q instead of Ctrl + C while copying content from websites, using this shortcut key will automatically copy the selected text and add it to QuotePad along with the source URL.

quotepad save note with sources

Using QuotePad you can also instantly create notes while working with websites, documents, text files. Select the text you want to copy and use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Q and the selected text will automatically be saved as a note.

This feature is pretty good and will save you a lot of time while copying and pasting content to create notes.

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