Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Quite sometime back we had told you about Facebook Uploader a tool that allowed users to upload pictures to their account, however what if you want to download photos from Facebook Albums?

Instead of saving individual images one at a time, users can make use of a called Facebook Photo Album Downloader, which will allow users to download several photos from a Facebook album with a single click.

To download photos from a Facebook album, right-click on the name or link of the Facebook album click the Download Album with FacePAD option from the right click context menu.


Once you have clicked on the option a new Javascript alert should popup telling you that the image download is in progress, all the images from the album will be downloaded to the default Firefox download folder.

That’s easy isn’t it? Which other tools do you use to download photos from Facebook? Let your comments tell us about them.

Download Facebook Photo Album Downloader

4 thoughts on “Facebook Photo Album Downloader”

  1. The link shows the firefox page in which one the software has been erased, there’s is some application but for CHROME, why let us the CHROME user abdandoned to our destiny, we need some tool that it makes the same that the olde facebad, and Fotobounce (is not the one) Facedown, unexisting software, SOCIAL PHOTO DOWNLOAD is not the application that i want, Photo Downloader doesn’t exist anymore.

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