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and are two of the most popular services in the social networking and email category, but what if you can check your email while you can take a look at your friends updates in Facebook?

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The Facebook Gadget tries to accomplish this by providing users with a handy gadget that will allow you to receive your latest notifications on Facebook, check your friends latest updates, view photos and even launch Facebook searches from your Gmail account or Google homepage.

To get Facebook updates in your Gmail account, just add the Facebook Gadget to Gmail by using the Gadgets by URL feature. The URL you will need for adding the Facebook Gadget is http://www.brianngo.net/ig/facebook.xml, if you are unsure how to add custom gadgets to Gmail, read our tutorial on Adding Custom Gadgets to Gmail.


Once you have added the Gadget, you will see a link to login to your Facebook account to provide access to the Facebook Gadget for Google to your Facebook account, just follow the steps and close the browser window, the gadget will automatically refresh and show you the latest update from your Facebook account in the Gmail sidebar.

You can also use the gadget on your Google IG homepage.

Facebook Gadget

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