Export Emails, Folders or Attachments From Outlook

Outlook is a pretty popular email client, however it does provide users with the ability to export individual emails or emails from folders, or save attachments into a separate folder from several emails.

Outlook Export is a handy freeware utility that will allow users to export individual emails or folders, and also quickly export email attachments and save it to a different folder.


Outlook Export Features

  1. Quickly and easily export emails (individual or entire folder)
  2. Quickly and easily export email attachments
  3. Quickly and easily extract links from all emails in a given folder

In addition to exporting emails, Outlook Export will also do a reverse DND lookup for senders email, include the full header into the email, include both text and HTML versions of the emails and produces a readable list of links in the email.

Outlook Export has been tested using Outlook 2003, however I was able to use the software on a Outlook 2007 installation.

Download Outlook Export

5 thoughts on “Export Emails, Folders or Attachments From Outlook”

  1. Really Outlook Express Is Very Popular And User Friendly.

    Outlook Has Export Features Like Quickly And Easily Sends and Receives E-Mails & Newsgroup messages, Attachments, Extract Links From All E-Mails.

    I Regularly Use Outlook Express, Now Outlook Has New Version, It’s Very Advanced.

  2. Frankly speaking, i didnt knw how popular
    “Outlook Express” was… I cme 2 knw wen i joined my new job….
    Really Outlook is very popular n hve heard dat it can export all your emails,export all the attachments in the emails and also export all the links from the emails to a given folder.
    N nw i regualarly use Outlook Express n its new version is also cmng…..

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