Evernote Gets Twitter Integration

Evernote the popular note taking software has finally integrated itself with , the popular social networking site.

With this new integration you can now directly send notes by sending public tweets or using the Direct messaging feature provided by Twitter.

Users will have to follow the steps given below, in order to add notes through tweets.

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter (you will need a Twitter account)
  2. myEN will follow you back, and send you a DM with a link
  3. Click the link, sign into Evernote, and connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts.

Once you have linked your twitter account with evernote, you can start adding notes by either sending a public message:

Add Evernote Note Via TweetOr by sending a Direct message:

Add Evernote Note Via Direct Message

In addition to that, Evernote will automatically include image thumbnails, when you include a TwitPic image in your tweet, and display it in your note, this feature is definitely cool, and would be much better if expanded to other twitter image sharing websites.

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories [via Official Evernote Blog]

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