Enhance Your Facebook Experience In Google Chrome

Facebook News Feed For Google Chrome

Facebook Chrome Feed

Would you want to keep an eye on your Facebook wall without having to visit the website? Would you like to be notified about Facebook notifications right in the browser?

The Facebook for Google Chrome is an extension which allows you to view your Facebook wall, notifications, messages and more without having to visit Facebook itself. The extension also allows you to like and comment on Facebook posts. In addition to that, it also displays a number on the icon to notify you of new updates.

Interested? Download Facebook for Google Chrome.

Facebook Photo Zoom


Many of my Facebook friends upload photos and albums to the website. I usually browse through those photos whenever I have time. However, clicking through an entire album of pictures could take a lot of time, specially when I might be interested in only seeing enlarged versions of one or two photos.

The Facebook Photo Zoom extension comes in handy here as it allows me to view the enlarged version of photos uploaded to Facebook by just hovering my mouse over the photo.

If you are a heavy Facebook user, I highly recommend that you download this extension. Download Facebook Photo Zoom.

Facebook Upcoming Birthdays

Facebook Upcoming Birthdays

Many a times I tend to miss wishing my Friends a happy birthday, partly because I don’t remember them, and partly because I forget to visit Facebook. The Facebook Upcoming Birthdays extension puts an icon in the toolbar where you can quickly glance and view your friends upcoming birthday.

It definitely makes it harder to miss a friend’s birthday now. Download Facebook Upcoming Birthdays

Facebook Full Screen Videos

Facebook Full Screen Video

Do you get annoyed that you cannot watch videos in full screen from on Facebook? Well the Facebook Full Screen Video extension can be helpful. The extension allows you to watch full screen videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Download Facebook Full Screen Video

Quick Share For Facebook

Share on Facebook from Chrome

Did you just find an interesting webpage you want to share with your friends on Facebook? The Share on Facebook from Omnibar gives you a one click option to share any webpage with your friends. Just click on the Facebook icon in the address bar and it will automatically create the share for you. Of course you will still have click on the Share button in the end.

Add Facebook Events To Google Calendar

Add Facebook Event To Google Calendar

Do you use to organize your events and appointments? Then the Facebook Event to Google Calendar extension will come in pretty handy. It allows you to quickly add any Facebook event to your Google Calendar with the click of a link. No more copy paste and typing.

Download Add Facebook Events To Google Calendar

Export Your Facebook Friends

Export Facebook Friends

Do you want to use your Facebook friends email and phone numbers elsewhere? Well typing out those details could be quite a pain, so why not just export your Facebook friends contact details as a CSV file?

The Facebook Friend Exporter plugin will allow you to export your Facebook friends phone number, email and other details as a CSV file and even help you import them into .

Download Facebook Friend Exporter

Facebook Unfriend Finder

Facebook Unfriend Notification

Want to find out when someone unfriends you on Facebook? The Facebook Unfriend Finder extension will come in handy then. The script sits in Chrome and tells you whenever someone has removed you from their Friend’s list. Not very handy to everyone but useful nevertheless.

Download Facebook Unfriend Finder

More Facebook Extensions

I have tried to list some of the best for enhancing your Facebook experience. I could add several more, but it could turn this post into a drag, so here are some other extensions worth mentionable in brief.

Is that all? Of course not, you will find tons of other Facebook related extensions in the repository. Head over to this link to find those. Of course don’t forget to tell me about your favorite Google Extensions for Facebook. I would definitely want to try few of them out.

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  • smokes

    Cortex i’d say is the best extension for sharing on facebook/twitter
    (takes less than a second)

    other than that Photo Zoom is awesome

    Beautify kinda lags though

    • @smokes – I agree that Cortex is pretty good, but I stopped using it because sometimes click and hold can share unwanted things, they should have an option to control it and I would use it again :-)

      • smokes

        yeah i also agree, probably they’ll release an update
        but i’m actually ok with this.. i already ‘learned’ how the app works ( if you select text it doesn’t appear.. but if you try to click where there is no text on a page, it appears..
        still this extension saves a LOT of time on sharing :)

  • imangelika21

    sure that it’s not a spam or kind of virus????