End of Piracy Imminent? SceneTorrents Tracker Shuts Down

Many people are speculating that we might see the end of the world in the year 2012, and the Movie 2012 did more than enough to fuel those speculations. However, are we going to see a end of illegal downloads and piracy sooner than that?

P2P has come a long way since the Napster and Kazaa era, when illegal downloads of music and videos were at its highest. Napster did go legal later, after several court cases, and it definitely changed how P2P was done. Kazaa did flourish for a long time, however, torrents started taking over.

Over the period of several years, torrents have definitely taken over the original way of sharing files through P2P, and it did flourish for a long time, until The Pirate Bay, the largest indexer and tracker of torrents were embroiled in several court cases and had to eventually keep moving their servers from one end of the world to another.


Recently, Mininova gave into the authorities and went legal, however, there are no dearth of alternatives and we also put up a list of Mininova Alternative Torrent Indexers. Now, TorrentFreak is reporting that another private torrent tracker SceneTorrents have shut down operations.

In addition to that, recently Virgin Media, an ISP from UK has decided to setup a watch on illegal P2P sharing and downloads. Another US ISP Comcast had started to throttle BitTorrent downloads sometime back, but had to give in to public pressure and stop doing it.

So are we finally going to see saturation of illegal downloads and piracy? Well not exactly, but we should definitely see a death of the wide scale piracy that exists today. There is no doubt that the Internet will get smarter and there will be new ways of downloading content, legal or illegal. Who knows, in near future we might have a download speed of 100MB or 1GB per second and there would be no need for all these secondary means for sharing large files. Only time will tell what is written in the future. What do you think?

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