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Editorial: How Much Would You Pay to Get Facebook Friends’ Attention?

Heart and Soul

Please don’t get me wrong, I know that Facebook is under tremendous pressure to make money. This is the curse of going public. To Zuckerberg I have to say do whatever you have to do to repel the pressure you’re getting to allow your company to continue to make poor decisions for its users. If that means get a new bank, then get a new bank. If that means getting rid of those at the top and cleaning house, then do it. Facebook should be a friendly and safe place to be. Whether Zuckerberg, or whoever is driving this mess, likes it or not, people are going to resist and resent being made to pay for things that used to work great for free. For instance, before the timeline, I seldom missed any posts from my friends and I had over a thousand even then. After timeline, I find their posts get hidden constantly. If I am not sitting their staring at the live feed all day, I am bound to miss some really interesting stuff. I will give another example. Our business page used to have a reach of about 800 people for every post we put out. After Facebook rolled out promoted posts for business, that number is barely reaching 200. This all happened in a matter of a month. You can not tell me that Facebook is not somehow rigging the system to slow down our reach to our subscribers. This comes across as dirty business Facebook! Facebook, you were the one who offered this stuff for free to begin with, so don’t be surprised when your users feel like they have been baited into your trap. A lot of people have worked very hard to develop content for the Facebook business pages and now you’re dropping a bomb on them because you can’t figure out how to make money off a 1 billion people user base! But not to get to far off subject, we are talking about personal promotions here. Well, as a personal user, I used to be able to post something and feel relatively confident that my Facebook friends would see it. I don’t have that confidence anymore. The heart and soul of Facebook is changing and I am telling you Facebook, your short term gains will eventually be your demise if you don’t start making Facebook a user centered place like it used to be.

So to my readers, I would love to hear your feedback. Am I being too rough on Facebook? Is promoted posts something you would use? If so, how much would you consider to be a fair price? Send me a note at [email protected] or comment in the comment box below.

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Darrin Jenkins

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