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Editorial: Does Anyone Understand IT In the Small Business?

Our Time is Extremely Important to Us

So please stop wasting my time with endless communications about solutions that have absolutely no place in my business. Had you taken the time to realize that I am THE ONLY IT EMPLOYEE supporting 200 people, you would realize that a lot of the stuff you’re trying to sell me just doesn’t fit. Here’s the deal, small business IT managers have zero time. Our resources are extremely limited. The local box stores with their little geek crews aren’t making it much easier. Try finding a Window 7 Professional PC at one of those stores. Even the ones that are labeled for business will at best carry Window 7 Home Premium or something like that. If you knew my company, would you seriously even bother trying to sell me “enterprise mobility” solutions. Here’s a perfect example, check out this email quoted below:

[name purposely left out] data management platform enables efficient data consolidation, application availability and scalability and enhances storage utilization to reduce storage-related cost for desktop and application virtualization deployments. During this webinar, you’ll learn about [name purposely left out] unique “Start, Go and Grow” approach to deploying desktop and application virtualization using Citrix’s industry-leading solutions XenDesktop and XenApp quickly, easily and with lower cost to help organizations realize the greatest ROI on these innovative technologies.

You know what I think when I see an email like this? “Man, I am tired.” I don’t even have time to go to Wikipedia to look up what half of this stuff means. I would love to have the time to attend webinars like this. I would love to have the budget to go to a $5000 one week training on some wonderful new technology. It’s just not a reality.

In conclusion, let me say I realize that doing sales and getting decent leads is a daunting task. With that in mind however, I believe that many of the sales organizations for IT solutions are completely out of touch with the reality of small business computing. Hopefully, this article will reach a few of you sales guys out there and maybe you can rethink your small business strategy. However, just in case these big guys ignore the message, I believe there are more of me out there than many realize, so maybe if you’re an entrepreneur, this might be a niche you may want to consider. No one else seems to be doing it right, I can tell you that for sure!

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Darrin Jenkins

Darrin is an IT manager for a large electrical contractor in Louisville KY. He is married and has 3 kids. He loves helping people with their technology needs. He runs a blog called Say Geek!