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Thought the basic concept of was to provide users with a free or low cost alternative to the popular document processing software Microsoft Office, there have still been several users who prefer the comfort provided the familiar interface of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more by Microsoft.

If you are a Google Docs user who prefers to use Microsoft Word, a small and nifty little application called OffiSync should bring cheers to you.

OffiSync is a small Microsoft Office Add-in that will allow you to edit the documents from Google Docs from right within Microsoft Word.


The reverse of it is also applicable, you can directly save documents you edit in Microsoft Office to your Google Docs account.

In fact OffiSync is even more useful than just allowing you to edit documents from Google Docs, it also allows you to save the documents back to your Google Docs account and collaborate it with other users from right within Microsoft Word.


After installing OffiSync you will see a new toolbar in Microsoft Word, this toolbar will allow you to edit and collaborate documents from your Google Docs account.

Here are some key features that make OffiSync a really must use freeware;

  • Ability to edit Google Documents from your desktop.
  • Ability to save Google Documents to your desktop.
  • Ability to collaborate documents from your desktop.
  • Allows users to manage several Google Docs accounts from a single interface.
  • Allows users to search for files in the Google Docs account from within Microsoft Word.

All in all this is one add-in we would definitely recommend Microsoft Word users to download and use, of course you need a Google Docs account to go with it.

Download OffiSync [via Digital Inspiration]

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