Download Windows 7 Leaked Copy [Torrents]

If you have not been to the PDC where Microsoft gave away free copies of Windows 7 to all the PDC attendees in a 160 GB external hard drive, which included Windows 7 and the PDC videos, you still have chance to get hold on a copy of Windows 7.


Windows 7 Pre Beta Build 6801 M3 builds are available through torrents right now and you can download the whole installation in ISO format.

To download a copy of Windows 7, download the torrent files and burn it to a DVD or mount the ISO file as a virtual drive.

Windows 7 Torrents Download Links:

  1. Windows 7 Torrent Link 1 (Link removed due to spam reports)
  2. Windows 7 Torrent Link 2 (Link removed due to spam reports)

You can try out the copy of Windows 7 for 30 days or use this Windows 7 Product Key that is doing the rounds of the Internet.

Windows 7 Product Key: 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC

Thanks Haris.

Disclaimer: We are not hosting or providing the torrents, the post is only meant to be used for informational purposes.

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