Download Windows 7 Calculator for Vista

For the past few weeks we have posted some Genuine Windows 7 screenshots, told you about the new Windows 7 notepad, posted some Windows Media Player 12 screenshots that will be included in Windows 7, found a Windows 7 theme for Windows XP among other things.

Among other new features, has a enhanced calculator which brings a much needed change to the plain old calculator Microsoft has been providing for years.

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Windows 7 calculator has a host of features including a scientific calculator, programming calculator and a statistics calculator in addition to providing a inbuilt unit converter using which you can convert angel, area, time, length, energy, mass among other things.

The good news is that users can download and use the Windows 7 calculator without having to install the entire Windows 7 OS, so go ahead and do away with the plain old calculator and starting using the enhanced Windows 7 calculator.

Download Windows 7 Calculator [via Lifehacker]

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  • Microsoft is changing to many things that are not necessary.

    They can make it look better, style wise, but they rearrange everything continuously.

    Totally hate the new changes to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, for Vista too. Microsoft is going downhill, fast.

    • curious

      I totally agree, Envirogle. Microsoft, why can’t you add new features without COMPLETELY BUTCHERING the old ones that already work? ?(????)

      For example, the new Financial mode and Unit Conversion pane are neat. But “Programmer” mode no longer allows decimal places, and I regularly use hex numbers in FP calculations. Now instead of just typing my hex number and hitting F6 to convert to base 10, I have to hit Alt+3 (Programmer mode), F5 (base 16) type the number, F6 (base 10), Ctrl+C (copy – because switching modes CLEARS THE NUMBER), Alt+2 (Scientific mode), Ctrl+V (paste), and THEN use decimal places in my number. And again in reverse if I want to go back to hex…

      “Windows 7 was my idea”? I’d like to find out whose “idea” this was and make sure they stay far away from Windows 8. (No, on second thought, I’m never buying Windows 8. My dear Ubuntu, how I have strayed… ;.;)

  • I’ve seen the beta version on a few torrent sites… It’s tempting to try…