Download Windows 7 Calculator for Vista

For the past few weeks we have posted some Genuine Windows 7 screenshots, told you about the new Windows 7 notepad, posted some Windows Media Player 12 screenshots that will be included in Windows 7, found a Windows 7 theme for Windows XP among other things.

Among other new features, has a enhanced calculator which brings a much needed change to the plain old calculator Microsoft has been providing for years.

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Windows 7 calculator has a host of features including a scientific calculator, programming calculator and a statistics calculator in addition to providing a inbuilt unit converter using which you can convert angel, area, time, length, energy, mass among other things.

The good news is that users can download and use the Windows 7 calculator without having to install the entire Windows 7 OS, so go ahead and do away with the plain old calculator and starting using the enhanced Windows 7 calculator.

Download Windows 7 Calculator [via Lifehacker]

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