Download Google Chrome OS Torrents

We recently told you about download Google Chrome OS for VMware from In addition to that you can also download OS through torrents. The Chrome OS image from torrents can be run using Virtual Box from Sun.


Once you have downloaded the torrent you can read this step by step tutorial by TechCrunch to install Chrome OS in Virtual Box.

The default login to Chrome OS is your Google username and password. For more screenshots of the Chrome OS build, visit the Chrome OS for VMware post.

Download Google Chrome OS Torrent

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  • I will personally approach this one with caution, but am dying to hear more from people who have downloaded Chrome OS and who are actively using it and fooling around with it. What intrigues me is how this new player in the OS market is going to affect companies like Ubuntu.

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  • Well it won't affect Ubuntu since it is using Ubuntu as a codebase, so technically it will be good for Ubuntu because Google will do free coding for them, since the Chrome OS is open source too.