Download Google Chrome OS for VMware

Google OS was unveiled earlier today along with the opensource source for the operating system. We shared some screenshots and videos of Chrome OS earlier today. however, the folks at were good enough to compile the source and create a working version of Google OS which can be run on the virtual machine VMWare.

Here are some exclusive screenshots of the working version of Google OS on VMWare and Virtual Box.

The login screen is of a typical OS, but you cannot create users locally. You will have to use your Google Account to login to Chrome OS.









I tried creating Applications shortcut, however, there was no desktop or applications menu to access them, will dig more and post more screenshots whenever available.

Download Google OS at [Thanks @ginatrapani]

3 thoughts on “Download Google Chrome OS for VMware”

  1. hi keith,,thank for your post,,i had download chrom os from your post but i cant instal it. can you tell me how to instal this OS…thanks before….

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