Download Adobe Air WordPress Comments Moderator[Featured Download]

Last month we had written about a under development desktop application to manage WordPress comments from your desktop, Daniel Dura the developer has kept his promise and has finally released the alpha version of the application.


The application is available as a WordPress plugin. To get the Adobe Air App download the plugin and activate it on your blog. Once you have done that, visit the Settings > Moderator option and download the Moderator Adobe Air for your PC, Mac or Linux.

Moderator Features

  • Viewing un-moderated comments.
  • Dock and system tray notifications of the number of un-moderated comments.
  • Accept, delete, and spam comments from within the desktop client.
  • Close application window, or minimize it to the system tray while running.
  • Shows the Gravatar icons for the user who posted the comment.


This definitely look like the best application to be created for WordPress after Windows Live Writer, and will save a blog owner several round trips to the admin panel, just to approve comments. However the software is in its alpha as of now and there are already few features on our wish list, which include:

  • Display the post on which the comment was made. Pretty obvious thing that is missing.
  • Add option to reply to the comments, if possible add a threaded reply option. This is a feature from our plugin Better Comments Manager.

Daniel already has these on his to-do list. Other than these missing features, the Moderator Air App is a must have for any WordPress blog owner. Thanks to Deep for tipping me about the release.

Download Moderator Desktop App For WordPress

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