Do You Know Your Bacon Number?

If you lived through the mid 90s, you more than likely heard of, if not played, a popular game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. You probably remember him for his famous role in the movie “Footloose”. In 1994, a group of college students got the idea to invent a game that sought to connect Kevin Bacon to any actor in 6 degrees or less. I remember some people were wicked serious about this game. As a matter of fact, the game ended becoming a board game. Now, it has made its mark on the web as Google has actually programmed Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon into its search engine.

Kevin Bacon

Playing the game on Google is very simple. In the search bar, type in “Bacon Number” and then an actor or actresses name. Below, you can see where I chose Prince and you can see that his “Bacon Number” is 3.

Prince's Bacon Number

Notice that there are 3 lines listed showing how Prince is associated with Kevin Bacon. I will go ahead and apologize to you in advance, as if you needed another time waster in your life. Unfortunately, this one can be pretty addictive.

The Guardian had a nice piece about Bacon and his attitude about the game. He thought it was negative at first. He thought it was some new way to poke fun at him, but apparently he ended up meeting the students that invented the game and even wrote the intro to their book. Kevin actually turned this whole thing into something very positive. He started a charitable website called It is a social networking site that connects people to charities and even lets them start their own charitable campaigns. Kevin makes a personal statement on the “about” page of his website.

I want to thank those partners — and especially, I want to thank you, for making a difference in this small world.

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Take a moment to play the game on Google, then swing over to the Six Degrees website and see if there is a cause near and dear to your heart.

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