Directly Run Downloads Without Saving Them In Firefox

The default download dialog box in does not allow you to run a file without saving it first to your hard drive. The option to directly open files is pretty convenient when you do not want to save the file and run it from a temporary folder, a option to do this is available while downloading files using Internet Explorer.

However  a experimental add-on called RunDownload will let you directly run the files without having to save them to your local harddrive.

firefox_run_download firefox_download_run_option

RunDownload allows users to open any file with the default program as assigned by the operating system, along with directly allowing you to install the applications while saving the file to your temporary folder.

Download RunDownload Firefox Extension

4 thoughts on “Directly Run Downloads Without Saving Them In Firefox”

  1. Well, definitely of some use to those who have to delete some of the set-up files after executing them. I mostly keep all the set-up files that I need with me for future use. Great thing for some of the files that do not need to be saved….

  2. This really doesn’t provide any useful gain. The file still has to be downloaded to your computer before it can be run.

    The only difference is that it will be downloaded to a temporary folder, from which it will sooner or later be deleted whenever temp files are cleaned on your particular installation.

    What if the program you want to run is an installer, and what if it fails to complete for some reason? In that case you might need to download the whole thing again–something that obviously is not necessary if it is saved in your downloads directory.

    When you don’t need the downloaded file any more, just go into the downloads folder and delete it.

  3. When you try to download this add-on, the Firefox Add-On site says “This add-on has been disabled by an administrator”. I’d like to be able to download and use this add-on unless someone can tell me what is “wrong” with it. I am perfectly capable of determining whether or not an executable files is dangerous and needs to be saved first. I really don’t need an administrator to “protect me from myself”.

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