Sponsored Diggs/Ads Appear On Digg

Digg also dubbed as a server killer by many for sending huge amount of traffic once you hit the front page has begun displaying sponsored ads as Diggs.


As you can see from the screenshot above these ads are made to appear as though they are like regular Diggs but have been marked prominently saying that those are sponsored ads.

Users have an option to Digg the page, however they do not have options to comment on the post, also the ads directly link to the sponsored page instead of the regular Digg pages for natural Diggs.

However this is definitely a good way for Digg to make money since a frontpage Digg entry can easily draw 40-50K page views, so unlike other advertising methods this can give guaranteed results to the advertiser.

Though we need to see how regular Digg users who are usually very vocal about their thoughts take to this change.

Are you a Digg user? What are your thoughts about these sponsored diggs/ads?

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