Lookup Bot: Search Dictionary Words From Instant Messengers [Exclusive Techie Buzz Tools]

I am happy to announce another new exclusive Techie Buzz offering, which will allow users to query dictionary for words, through instant messaging services like Gtalk/Jabber, AIM, MSN and Yahoo.

I built this utility so that users can lookup words while checking emails, without having to open new browser windows, the tool currently lookups the dictionary for single words, however multiple words may work, but nothing is guaranteed.

Lookup Bot Usage

To start using the Lookup bot from your instant messengers, add the contacts given below to your IM account.

Once you have added the bot to your IM network, start a conversation with it. To lookup dictionary for words, just type this message into the conversation window:

dict word

Replace word with whatever word you want to find the dictionary entry for, for example dict twitterwill give you results for .


To get help, simply type help and press enter, to view the credits, type credits and hit enter. If you type anything else it will show you a default message.

I am planning to add a support for other lookups such as thesaurus pretty soon, so keep tuned to the blog to learn more about it.

This tool in beta stage, but it is stable nevertheless, if you come across any errors, please report it in the Lookup IM Bot Forums.

Please note, the AIM, Windows Live and Yahoo bots are offline right now, I am working on fixing the issue, you can add the bots as contacts though, and start using them once they come online.


No personal information or dictionary lookups are saved, everything is session less and non persistent.


  • Imified Network without which this bot would have struggled to have looked up your words.
  • Wiktionary The MediaWiki Dictionary, without which this bot could not fetch meanings.


Developing Open Source Software does not pay, if you think that this bot is worth the efforts, feel free to donate towards development expenses. Donate Now.

Future Features

Like I said earlier, I am planning to add several more features to the bot and make it more robust and useful. In addition to that there are also some exclusive Techie Buzz offerings in the offing, so keep tuned by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Happy botting… err chatting :-)

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