Create Your Own JumpList in Windows 7

introduces a new feature called JumpList, which makes accessing application settings and features much more easier, however not all applications have this feature in them.

Windows 7 App Launcher is a that allows you to create your own JumpList in Windows 7.


With the help of the Windows 7 App Launcher you can create and add applications to your JumpList and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

To create your own JumpList you will first need to create a profile in the App Launcher and from there add your favorite applications to it, once you have added the application you will see them as a JumpList in your taskbar.

To add applications to the JumpList browse to the application executable to add it and optionally setup the and profile picture for it, once you are done click on the include button to add it to your custom JumpList. To save the JumpList to your profile click on the Save/Update button.

The app launcher also provides you with an option to launch the application on Windows startup.

Download Windows 7 App Launcher [via Jk Web Talks]

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