Create System Restore Point With One Click

Windows System Restore has saved my skin several times in the past, when I have installed beta software that crashed my system, the restore points have helped to recover my system back to a earlier point, making it usable once again.

If you have never bothered to create system restore points, here is a guide to get you kick started with creating restore points in Windows XP and Vista, however we also came across a really useful utility that will allow you to create restore points with a single click.

Single Click Restore Point is a handy that will allow you to create system restore points with a single click.


Once you download the utility, double click the executable to create a restore point. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything happening, the utility works in the background and creates a system restore point, after it has finished creating the restore point, you will see a alert message saying Restore Point Created.

This utility is definitely worth downloading and using, and like I said in the beginning of the post, system restore points come in very handy if something goes wrong with your PC, and creating system restore points couldn’t get any easier than this.

Download Single Click Restore Point [via]

One thought on “Create System Restore Point With One Click”

  1. How is it one click if I have to first double-click, and then wait, and then click ok? I could at least three clicks, two if you are generous and counts double-clicking as a single clicking action.

    I mean seriously, false advertising? Didn’t that use to be a crime?

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