Convert Plain Text To Links With These Firefox Add-ons

Many forums and news sites do not link to websites for various reasons, this adds a bit of inconvenience for the users, since they have to copy the links and then paste it in the browser address bar to load the URL.


If you are a Firefox user, you have something to cheer about, there are several add-ons which will automatically convert the text to clickable links, making it much more easier for you to navigate through the forums and news websites.

Linkification This is one of the best add-ons to convert plain text to clickable URLs

Text Link This is a handy extension that will convert unlinked URLs to clickable text. The only problem with this add-on is that you have to double click on the text to load it in the browser.

Text/Plain – Treats selected plain text URLs, and email addresses as links and adds options to the context menu to open the plain text as URLs.

Plain Text Links – Using this extension you can right click on the text and select "Open this URL"

Plain Text To Link This add-on has multiple uses since it allows you to select text and save it to a text file. However if you want to open plain text URL, you can select the text and use the right click context menu to open it. Not a very convenient user interface.

Do you use any other extension to save yourself from such inconveniences, do let us know about them.

7 thoughts on “Convert Plain Text To Links With These Firefox Add-ons”

  1. I was looking for such an addon. I used to use the Paste and Go addon, which no longer woks in Firefox 3. I’m installing Linkification now. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. You should definitely check the following out, because in terms of the converting text to hyperlink this is the most convenient and flexible one I’ve ever used.

    Cleeki contains the function to convert any URL text to a hyperlink:
    1) Hold the Shift key, and move your mouse over any URL text (without hyper-link) to turn the URL text into a hyper-link. You don’t need to select the text, or
    2) In case 1) doesn’t work, select any text that containing the URL using the method in Step 1), and select “Go to URL” from the menu to directly open the URL.

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