gMote Turns Mouse Gestures Into Custom Actions [Featured Download]

Many browsers today have add-ons that help you convert mouse gestures into actions, such as opening links, opening a new tab and son, but gMote is a excellent piece of freeware that will help you convert mouse gestures into custom actions for your PC.


In short gMote is a software that will let you control your computer with gestures.

gMote allows you to record gestures (mouse motions) and assign them to frequently performed tasks. Use gestures to bring up programs, websites, control your browser, media player, clipboard and much more. You can even assign your own key combinations to a gesture – make text bold by drawing a "b", lock your computer with an "L" – it’s fully customizable and free.

Take a look at a video, which shows you how gMote can help you control your computer with gestures.

Definitely must have software for people who do not make full use of keyboard and rely more on the mouse for navigating applications and PC.

Download gMote and control your PC with gestures

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