Confirmed Windows 7 Screenshots

Sometime back we had posted some leaked screenshots of Windows 7, but Microsoft has finally displayed the latest operating system offering at PDC and there are some confirmed Windows 7 screenshots that show you how the latest operating system will look like.

Here are some of the screenshots for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Desktop


Windows 7 Destination Menu


Windows 7 Windows Explorer 


Windows 7 Lightweight Media Player


Windows 7 Calculator


For more Windows 7 Screenshots, visit 36 New Windows 7 UI Sceenshots.

3 thoughts on “Confirmed Windows 7 Screenshots”

  1. Yeah ermmm, I think I’ll stick with Vista. It’s highly unlikely that I will contribute to MS yet again for nothing more than a Vista refinement. But wait, cloud computing? Yeahhh *yawn*.

  2. What? After all the years they took to come out with something good, they only can produce this?

    Nothing much different from Vista, only that they make the icon bigger and ‘MAC’ like.

  3. These screenshots are not of Windows 7 RTM.
    They’re of Windows Seven Beta, look for the Send Feedbeck in Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player Window. It’s lies… Why would send feedback on the windows of RTM product? These people don’t know what they say….
    Recalling that the RTM version, but is identical to that will be sold on the day 22 October, is for Microsoft’s partners and manufacturers. The version “public”, so to speak, or that will be available for purchase, either alone, are preinstalled on new computers, will only be launched on 22 October that.
    See you

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