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Using two text editors to compare files has never been easy, but being a programmer I have been using several useful tools in my day to day life, and one of them has been a easy to use file comparator that shows me difference between two files or revisions, without having to break my head on it.


DiffMerge is a freeware utility that allows you to compare two files and check for differences between them. The utility can be easily accessed using the right click context menu.

Once you have selected the two files you need to compare, click on Ok and it should show you differences in the file, only if there are any.


DiffMerge marks the differences between the files with a red text, if the file is a bit longer you can use the area on the extreme left hand side and click on the sections marked as red to directly jump to areas which are different. This is definitely quite a useful utility not only for programmers, but for anyone who works with multiple copies of a single file. DiffMerge can also perform Folder difference where it can compare which files are missing from a particular folder.

You can also easily merge two files to create a new file with all the differences included, making it easier to maintain a single copy.

DiffMerge Features

  • Diff. Graphically shows the changes between two files. Includes intra-line highlighting and full support for editing.
  • Merge. Graphically shows the changes between 3 files. Allows automatic merging (when safe to do so) and full control over editing the resulting file.
  • Folder Diff. Performs a side-by-side comparison of 2 folders, showing which files are only present in one file or the other, as well as file pairs which are identical or different.
  • Windows Explorer Integration. Right-click on any two files in Windows Explorer to diff them immediately.
  • Configurable. Rulesets and options provide for customized appearance and behavior.
  • International. Compatible with 42 different character encodings.
  • Cross-platform. Identical feature set on Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.

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