Chrome Web Store Analysis: Millions of Downloads, Top Apps and Interesting Facts

  1. Entanglement – 221,510 downloads
  2. Poppit – 217, 247 downloads
  3. TweetDeck – 143,867 downloads
  4. 125,359 downloads
  5. NY Times – 119,015 downloads
  6. Google Books – 113,816 downloads
  7. 99,922 downloads
  8. Google Maps – 83,263 downloads
  9. 73,077 downloads
  10. Picnik – 69,933 downloads
  11. 62,445 downloads
  12. 60,276 downloads
  13. Groove Shark – 58,831 downloads
  14. Spring Pad – 50,761 downloads
  15. Picasa – 49,972 downloads

Are Paid Apps Working in Chrome Web Store?

It has been only 2 weeks since Chrome Web Store was launched, but it looks like several of the paid apps are not making good money. Some of the apps have seen good download numbers, but many of them offer a free trial, so it is not clear whether these trials has been actually converted into sales or not.

The apps which do not offer free trials have seen miniscule downloads, so it might take a bit of time for developers to actually start selling huge number of paid apps.

Here are some stats for the paid apps in the store, I have mentioned which apps offer trials and you will see that they have a higher number of installs, however, there is no indication as to how many of them converted into sales. I have reached out to some of the paid app developers who offer free trials, but have yet to hear back from them. Will update this section once I get proper numbers from them.

Top 10 Paid Apps in Chrome Web Store

  1. Onslaught Arena – $4.99, has 3715 users and they offer a free trial
  2. Wordico – $2.99/year, has 1025 users but they offer a free trial
  3. BrainPOP Featured Movie – $1.99/month, has 536 users but they offer a free trial
  4. Color & Draw for kids – $1.99, has sold 417 copies
  5. Real Solitaire – $1.99, has sold 343 copies
  6. Contrasaurus: Defender of the American Dream – $2.99, has 145 users and they offer a free trial
  7. Dreams 2 – $1.99, has sold 144 copies
  8. Toddler Jukebox – $1.99, has sold 92 copies
  9. Yes or No Tarot – $2.99, has sold 60 copies
  10. Animals Puzzles – $1.99, has sold 58 copies

Apart from the 4 apps which offer a free trial, the other 6 apps have generated a combined sales of only $2276.86 in two weeks. Though two weeks may not be enough time to reflect on this data, it shows that paid apps aren’t working out that well. Also most of the apps that have sold are children’s games.

What’s Missing In Chrome Web Store and Apps

Google Chrome Web Store provides a good way to find and install apps, however, right now they are not focusing on new apps. I was able to browse most recent extensions which were released, however, find newer apps is quite a pain and I have had to practically browse through all the pages to find newer apps.

Having a separate section for recently added or updated apps would allow existing users to quickly find them and install them. Hopefully, Google should add this feature shortly.

Also, many of the Chrome apps are mere shortcuts or bookmarks. Though it is useful and saves some time on typing the URL directly, I would love to see more apps which work in-browser. Of course there are quite a few apps which do provide this experience, it would be really good to see more of these apps making it into the app store.

Another problem I have seen and also pointed out while using the Cr-48 is the lack of sync for data created by the apps. So if your app stores data locally, it will not be available on another PC. I would love to see apps sync data in the cloud, so that I have access to it from any computer.


Chrome Web Store is only 2 weeks old and is still in it’s infancy. I am very sure that over the next few months, the web store will include some really useful apps. The quality of some of the apps and extensions have been really good and it would be interesting to see new developments of in-browser apps or extensions.

Have you been using Google Chrome and the Chrome Web Store apps? What are your thoughts about them? Do feel free to add to this analysis without your own

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