Google Chrome Update: Remove Thumbnails From New Tab Page, Undo Tab Close

A new update is available for Dev channel users, the new version available for download is Google Chrome, this new version contains several new and interesting features.

Google Chrome shows thumbnails of most visited sites when you open a new tab, in the latest dev version, users can remove the thumbnail from new tab pages, the removed thumbnails will be replaced by newer ones from your history.


To remove thumbnails from new page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Edit thumbnails link, this should allow you to edit and remove thumbnails that appear on new tab page.

chrome restore removed thumbnails

If you think that you have made a mistake in removing the thumbnails, you can also restore all removed thumbnails.


The new Chrome build also includes a option to open new tab and undo tab close by right clicking on the tab bar, in earlier versions of Chrome, users had to open new tab and select the link from the navigation on the RHS, this new addition will make it much more easier to undo tab close, hopefully they will also add a new feature where users open closed tabs using a shortcut key much like the way Opera can open closed tabs with a shortcut key.

In addition to that users will now not be able to cut or copy text from password fields, the text fields which are masked.

There are also several other fixes which were fixed, including where text used to disappear for buttons, mouse scrolling would not scroll the webpages among other things.

These changes are only available for users who use the Chrome Dev Channel, if you want to start using this channel, read a guide on How To Get Latest Development version of Google Chrome.

Dev Update: Remove Thumbnails from New Tab Page [Google Chrome Releases Blog]

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